Blankfein the Complex

I saw Lloyd Blankfein being interviewed by Charlie Rose and was impressed by both men. Blankfein did a good job of defending his position of CEO of Goldman Sachs. He came across as moderate, thoughtful and complex, not the heartless monster that critics portray. He admitted that Goldman shares the blame (“burden,” he called it) for the Wall Street mess, although he also maintained that the firm benefits society. He supported reform. And he said that the firm had failed to explain itself well to the American public. Rose also did his usual great job of asking incisive questions that get to the heart of the matter, and not letting Blankfein get off the hook, but Rose did it in a manner that was civil and conducive to a thoughtful dialogue. Blankfein has been making himself suddenly available everywhere — CNN, Good Morning America, etc. — but the Charlie Rose interview was the best.


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