Third Reich in Arizona?

While I share the outrage that many people feel about Arizona’s new law requiring police to question anyone they think looks like an illegal immigrant (mainly Mexican), I still feel that journalists need to try to be as objective as is humanly possible in reporting this story. I don’t mean creating a false balance between those who support and oppose the law. Journalists can still quote experts on the law’s potential for civil liberties abuses. But reporters shouldn’t let their own animosity toward the law cloud their thinking and distort their coverage. News organizations need to tell us what the fact are — what does the law say, what problem is it supposed to address, what is its context, what do the best experts on either side say are the main arguments for and against it, and how are ordinary citizens responding? There is always a danger of overreaction by either side when emotions run high. Journalists need to keep calm and stick to the facts, and let the chips fall where they may.


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  1. Rick

    Yes. Objectivity on this issue is key. People already have their opinions on it. Some of those opinions are based on misinformation. The news media’s job is to inform. What exactly does the law say and how will it be enforced? Does it violate civil rights, or does it make it easier for law enforcement to curb illegal immigration? It’s also important to not just simplify the law in one sentence. Give the story justice by really fleshing out what this law is and what it is meant to do and why people are critical of it.

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