iPad to the Rescue? (Cont’d.)

Update to my earlier post: I bought an iPad yesterday and love it. And I think it really can help save quality journalism. The price needs to come down ($499 for cheapest model now), and it needs to be lighter (1-1/2 lbs. gets to feel a bit heavy if you keep holding it in your hands), but otherwise it makes reading news reports and viewing news photos and videos such a pleasure that people will be willing to pay for subscriptions. Some news organizations such asUSAToday and the AP already have a full iPad version, which looks much better than using a browser to go to the regular website. For others, such as the Washington Post, there is not yet a full iPad version, but you can use the iPad to access their browser version or their iPod version. I’m sure that more and more news organizations will develop special iPad versions that will look great and make reading and viewing news reports even more enjoyable and enlightening. They will do this because the market is so great. Already Apple says it has sold a half million units this month, and has to delay introduction of the iPad on the international market because it can’t meet the U.S. domestic demand. A market that big will encourage news organizations to develop very attractive iPad versions of their news reports, and that will benefit both them and us news consumers. I could be accused of being a Pollyanna, but I have to say I’m now more optimistic about the future of journalism.


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